Pennsylvania lawmakers have heard from director of Pennsylvania Gaming and Control Board, Kevin O'Toole, in a special hearing on the matter of regulated online gaming. O'Toole testified that online gaming "can be effectively regulated" in the state. As more and more states to look to legalise online gaming it is becoming increasingly difficult for detractors to ignore the voice of the people.

The review table by O'Toole contained revenue expectations from Thrive Gaming. The estimations expect there to be in the region of 300,000 players in the state, each with an expected revenue per month of $130. As a result, the projections put the expected gross gaming revenue at more than $450 million.

Two of the most pressing issues for any state looking to regulate online gaming are bad actor legislation on the industries effect on land based operations. In terms of bad actor legislation, O'Toole briefly touched on the need to address the issue to ensure that licensed operators and their vendors be "free from inappropriate association.

In relation to the effect the industry would have on its land based counterpart, the committee heard from David Satz, Senior Vice President of Government Relations and Development at Caesars Entertainment Corp. Satz highlighted the fact that in New Jersey 91% of Caesars online players were not listed in their land based casinos. In addition, players that were listed on their land based casinos increased their activity.