A new tell all book from the "Poker Princess" Molly Bloom obnoxiously entitled, "Molly's Game: High Stakes, Hollywood's Elite, Hotshot Bankers, My Life in the World of Underground Poker, paints Spiderman star, Toby Maguire as a poker shark. The book describes poker games in which Maguire enlisted the assistance of fellow Hollywood stars to draw in huge marks.

In an extract from the book, Bloom describes these games stating;

Tobey got Molly to concoct these games using friends like Leo DiCaprio to sit at the table. Tobey was basically paying their entry fee, and using Leo as a lure to get these billionaires like Alec Gores and Andy Beal to come to the games.

Bloom goes on to describe that Maguire is not just "good for actor", but is at the calibre that he would be able to compete for a bracelet at the largest poker showcase, the World Series of Poker.

As for Mr. Maguire, he’s in a different league from other actors who can play some cards. While often mentioned in the same breath with other excellent playing actors like Jennifer Tilly and Ben Affleck, according to one of the sources, Mr. Maguire plays at a level that far surpasses “good for an actor” and approaches the elite level of the players who win bracelets at the World Series.

Maguire's skill at the tables is, however, not the only revelation exposed in Molly's book. Screenwriter and Hollywood producer, Houston Curtis describes in detail how Maguire made a deal with him to negate a night of huge losses.

It’s very simple what happened. There was one bad night at the tables. We were playing poker and I got buried in a game and the games played big. That night I lost a million dollars. I met with Tobey about it and scratched out a deal that allowed me to keep playing. He didn’t pay the full million; he put up 600,000 of it. I would pay him 50% of my wins until he was paid back and then he’d also get 50% of my wins for a year after. He knew that long-term I was gonna win in that game cuz that’s what him and I did in that game – we won.

It seems that if Maguire wasn't lighting up the big screen in Spiderman and The Great Gatsby, he'd be taking the poker world by storm!

Image source: http://enteryourmovie.blogspot.com/2012/07/spider-man-from-beginning-to-amazing.html