In an attempt to extend their hold on the recreational market, partypoker have released their new Casual Cash Game tables as of May 6.

This new format will allow players who are only looking to sit down at one table to play against other players who only want to sit down at one table. The move is an attempt to garner a bigger portion of the recreational players pie - the idea being that the more professional/skilled players are unlikely to be playing at just on table.

The new format will allow players to play at only one table. The format will, however, allow players to enjoy multi-table tournaments while playing single at Casual Cash Game tables - a strange move since this does seem to defeat the point somewhat!

The new tables will be easily identifiable in the lobby as they will be marked with a smiley face. The tables are set to launch on just the companies dot-com websites as of 6 May. The move is just one among many that partypoker decision makers have been making in an attempt to create a niche for the company. Few other poker rooms out there are trying to cater specifically for the recreational player and if partypoker can get good traffic volumes they could own a valuable space in the market.