The first millionaire of the 2014 instalment of the World Series of Poker has crowned its first millionaire, Buffalo, NY resident Jonathan Dimmig. The complete unknown walked in to the tournament and all the commentators knew about him was that he was, predictably, a Buffalo Sabres fan... that was about to change, as was Dimmig's life!

What the new comer to the WSOP had to face? A record breaking field of 7,977 players looking for a chance at the big money. The buyin was $1,500 and after four day of all-out action Dimmig was crowned champion. Dimmig started his career as a professional poker player less than a year ago and after his win he has already boosted his ROI to $1,319,587!

Not only does he walk away with the huge prize pool, he also walks away with the bragging rights as the victor of the second largest tournament of all time.