Sportsbook, casino, poker, games or bingo Betfred player accounts from Germany, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, Hungry, Portugal, and Canada will be locked. Spokespeople for the online gambling operator site regulatory restrictions for the move.

In an official email sent to players, Betfred account holders from the affected countries will be given 30 days to withdraw their funds. After which time they will no longer have access to their accounts. There has, however, been reports on PokerStrategy that players actually have as little as two weeks to make their withdrawals.

The move comes, according to many market analysts, as a consequence on new legislation for legalised online gambling in the UK. A large percentage of Betfred’s business comes from the UK and, as a result, the operator is likely making these moves in response to restriction enforced on licensees. The restriction in question dictates that licensees explain the legality of their operations in countries where they are not nationally licensed.

This move will, surely, take a significant chunk out of Betfred’s revenue stream and it will be interesting to see if the operator can survive on white market revenue alone.