Bay 101 and the Global Poker Index will be teaming up to bring the top 10 players on the index to the 2015 WPT as “Shooting Star” bounty players.

Bay 101 Shooting Star is an event held at the Bay 101 Casino in San Jose California and is a stop in the World Poker Tour. The event has been going since the mid-1990s and features, among other events, a $25,000 NLHE High Roller tournament.

Matt Savage, World Poker Tour Executive Tour Director explained the move stating, “GPI’s top ranked players are the game’s biggest stars. Enticing them to come and play this event is a great way to help grow its reputation as a can’t-miss global tournament stop.”

Savage went on to state that, ““At its core Poker is about recognition and achievement, and letting the best players in the world enjoy the fruits of their successful poker journeys with exclusive perks is important. Not just to get them in the door, but as a way to celebrate what they’ve achieved and motivate legions of other players to strive for that same level of success too,”

The 10 players to be selected to be Shooting Star bounty players will be split as follows: 5 will come from this year’s Player of the Year leaderboard and the other 5 from the GPI 300 rankings.